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This reverse lookup website always respect the privacy of all its valued users and on this matter, it provide the right protection for all these people when they begin searching and gathering information to use. This imposed privacy policy likewise has the capacity to educate all valid users and visitors in determining the exact procedure on how the owner collects, utilizes and shares their information legitimately.

It is however the responsibility of all users to understand the privacy policy and cannot use the service if they lack understanding.

Collected and Utilized Information     

This website has the responsibility to collect and utilize the information from all users and visitors. The information usually involves names, genders, home addresses, ages, valid emails and citizenships. Should a registered user do not agree to submit the required information; the owner of this site respects the decision.

On the other hand, it is very important to follow the guidelines of this policy. When deciding to use the data or information, the owner only intends to improve the effectiveness of this website and speed up the processing of the submitted requests.

About the Internet Cookies  

This reliable look up website checks and uses the Internet cookies to help determine the collected information from all visiting registered users and new visitors. The acquired data or information involves the active browser to access, IP address and Operating System (OS) linking to this web site. This process is necessary to verify the number of visits each day and those who uses the available lookup service.


The owner likewise follows the implemented cookie policy of the European Union (EU) and other nations to check and gather the required information.