IRS Answered Strongly, Against Coinbase and Other Related Companies  

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With the recent controversy involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Coinbase, the federal government responded strongly that is opposing the ongoing lawsuit at the courthouse.

Coinbase is the company responsible in facilitating currency transactions online such as those from Ehereum and Bitcoin.

The federal government responded strongly about the controversy that involves the IRS as well as Coinbase a couple of weeks ago, according to the reported news through  It presented its answers to the filed Amicus Curiae (Friends of the court) briefs by the Coin Center, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Digital Currency & Ledger Defense Coalition (DCLDC).

The federal government likewise gave it opposing respond to the filed lawsuit by John Doe 4 and Coinbase, the news added.

Based on the information online, there are certain parties from Coinbase who filed as intervenor or someone whom they did not mention his/her name specifically in the original summons, but need to take part of the process. This is the kind of Amicus Curiae filed in the courthouse, which the government responded with strong opposing answers about the issue.

For the Coin Center, it is actually presenting itself an “independent, non-profit research center focused on the public policy issues facing digital currency technologies such as Bitcoin and others.,” as quoted by the news report. It is also explained that the experts of the company already attended the hearing of the Congress and testified about the issues and its collaboration with the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, which intend to educate the members regarding the online currency and blockchain technologies evolution.

Based on the report of as quoted online, the CEI considered itself being a “a public interest organization dedicated to protecting limited government and individual liberty.” The company likewise noted that it never has a direct interest in the lawsuit but rather “has extensive experience with the subjects addressed in their amicus curiae brief – such as the role of virtual currencies, the privacy and property implications of broad government data demands in the information age, and the use and misuse of government subpoenas.”

Regarding the involvement of DCLDC, it is presenting itself as a group “that protects individual constitutional rights and civil liberties as they relate to digital currency (e.g., bitcoin) and its related blockchain technology.,” as quoted by Forbes.

The filed lawsuit already existed since last year and IRS is willing to prove matters against the involved companies on the case.

Like the reported news last January, Coinbase made a decision to file a case that support the challenge to the demand of the IRS about the startup turn over information from millions of account users.

According to the report of in January, the tax agency suspected about the popular bitcoin exchange company wherein it include taxpayers from the United States that do not follow with the existing law.

Coinbase however filed a lawsuit after learning about a client who sued IRS and claimed that the tax agency is demanding broadly and sweeping many clients even if these people are not doing anything unlawful.

“If the IRS were to approach Citibank, Fidelity, or Paypal and ask them to turn over all customer records, they would rightfully push back. And I feel we have the same obligation to do so,” Brian Armstrong wrote from a blog post after they file the case that time as detailed by

From the observation of Armstrong also, the lawsuit battle against IRS may forced them to spend almost $100,000 up to $1 million and think that it is more helpful to utilize such amount in hiring new workers and creating more products. He added that the tax agency is not acting fairly considering that Coinbase already followed the different subpoenas from the IRS and even created the right system to make sure their clients known their obligations in terms of paying their right taxes.

Armstrong is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coinbase.

Congress Must Reauthorize FISA as Permanent Law to Protect US Citizens  

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From the latest news reports online, Russ Baker thinks that the privacy of many Americans is not in good position and this is evident whether they are staying in the United States or overseas.

Baker is the current editor-in-chief of the

Russ Baker and Scott Richard are part of the discussion about the issue of privacy in America. According to the reported news online, Baker think that the people of the United States are becoming concern about their privacy, this is regardless if they stay in the country or in overseas.

Richard is the former United States Intelligence officer who also believes that it is important for the Congress to act quickly with regards to the current Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

US President Trump and Tom Bossert already urged the Congress back in June to re-authorize the existing surveillance law that will be expiring before the end of 2017.

Bossert is the homeland security and counterterrorism adviser of Trump.

The discussion about FISA is becoming serious because it talks about the privacy of the Americans and in finding the exact ways to secure them. Like Us President Trump, Jeff Sessions and Dan Coats already asked the House of Representatives to look at the re-authorization of an important section of FISA before the expiration period.

The letter addressed to the congressmen states that Section 702 of FISA “allows the Intelligence Community, under a robust regime of oversight by all three branches of government, to collect vital information about international terrorists, cyber actors, individuals and entities engaged in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and other important foreign intelligence targets located outside the United States,” as written by Sessions and Coats as quoted by the Washington Examiner.

“Reauthorizing this critical authority is the top legislative priority of the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community. As publicly reported by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, information collected under one particular section of FAA, Section 702, produces significant foreign intelligence that is vital to protect the nation against international terrorism and other threats,” they continued.

The held briefings at the National Security Agency include the head of the White House who talked to Sessions and Coats regarding this matter.  The Trump administration somehow reveals eagerness to push the Congress in reauthorizing the current surveillance act.

According from the report of CNN, those who attended the briefing took them less than 4 hours and transported to the NSA through the designated buses.

In line with this issue, some knowledgeable individuals criticized the request of Sessions as well as Coats might affect the civil rights of the people from their point of view.

Sessions is an Attorney General, while Coats is the Director of National Intelligence.

The concern about privacy in the United States manifested even during the previous administration. There had been reports about US citizens who were affected with the unknown surveillance of the NSA, which involved their personal information. During that time Devin Nunes accused the former US President Obama of “unmasking” the identities of the team members for Donald Trump.

Nunes chairs the House Intelligence Committee about the probe against Russia.

Going back to Russ Baker, he is somewhat worried about FISA because it appears that there are issues regarding abuses; rather than protecting the US citizens. During an interview with, Baker revealed that the 1978-estalbished surveillance act has shown unwanted changes such as the violation of the provision during the Bush administration wherein the government has no authority to capture alleged terrorists without a court order.

This is the reason why Baker thinks that the Congress needs to decide on it and make it a permanent law, if possible. This is a solution he sees in protecting the rights and privacy of the United States citizens.

Federal Judge Grants Class Action Status for Flowers Hospital Legal Case

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In a surprised decision from a federal judge, it approved a class action status from a civil case due to stealing personal information. The judge believed that the Flowers Hospital is responsible for this matter, which problem manifested at least four years ago.

The lawsuit they filed against the Flowers Hospital in Dothan , Alabama might favor the complainants after a federal judge here approved the class action status. On this, those who complained about their stolen personal information may now push their claims against the mother company of the hospital, according from the reported news online.

They must however submit their claims as one group as instructed by the decision.

Flowers Hospital started to deal with this legal case back in 2014 when it hired Kamarian Millender and this man acquired non-hospital records from the patients at the hospital. Afterwards, it utilized the records in filing almost 124 federal tax returns back in 2012 and 2013, which they proved as fraud transactions.

The hospital hired Millender as a phlebotomist whom arrested him in 2014 and recovered at least 54 personal records from the patients. He pleaded guilty in admitting his unlawful action in victimizing many innocent people.

From the records of the court, Flowers Hospital made an effort to investigate immediately and found out that there are missing folders on the files, which contain 100-150 records of their patients. Moreover, the court revealed that Millender also took other personal information, which involved some federal agencies and the IRS.

The hospital made an effort to inform more than 1,200 non-hospital patients regarding their stolen personal data from April 8 until August 29, 2014, the report added. They are also taking the necessary actions to make sure no other people will come out to file a complaint against them.

The five complainants filed the legal case in 2014 (May) against Triad of Alabama, which is the mother company of the hospital. The compliant include privacy invasion, negligence, violating the law of Fair Credit Reporting Act and breach of contract.  However, the court dismissed the complaint for invasion of privacy, yet the remaining complaints got the approval for class action status.

To date, they are still arguing on how many victims do the hospital needs to verify.

In line with this, Chief United States District Judge W. Keith Watkins provided his opinion in a written statement. “To be clear, the named plaintiffs have not shown exactly how many putative class members were affected by the data breach. But, they have proved that the class will most likely number in the hundreds,” he stated.

Adding that, “Demonstrating all the restraint of a child left unattended in a candy shop, Millender made off with a bundle of folders. (He) dug through the personal information in the patient records, with the help of an accomplice, filed at least 124 fraudulent income tax returns.”

In case the decision upheld, this pushes the lawsuit to its discovery stage, as detailed by Adam Jones who is a Dothan lawyer. Jones believes that the federal judge decision is favorable for the plaintiffs and will soon get the best results to resolve the case fairly.

Meanwhile, the representative of the hospital has not yet provided any comment and still reviewing the decision before making any action.

Minnesota Judges Approves Search Warrant, Orders Google to Submit User Data 

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In an effort to fight the search warrant that a judge from Minnesota had approved, Google is preparing for a counter. If the decision finalized, the giant search engine will need to provide information to anybody who will search for the name of a fraudulent victim.

The giant tech company describes this action as “overreaching request for user data.”

The latest report involving Google somehow made the giant search engine company felt disappointed about the court decision of a judge in Minnesota regarding an approved search warrant. From this approved decision, it may pressure the tech company to provide information to anybody who searched for a particular name from a fraud victim, as detailed online.

According to the statement of the police authority, it demands Google to submit data when someone decided to search for a name residing from Edina City who is a victim of a $28,500 fraud on January 7, 2017 from a line credit that victimized at least 2 account holders of SPIRE Credit Union, as stated by the court documents. Unfortunately, the company believes that the decision of Judge Gary Larson is an “overreaching” matter.

Larson is from the Hennepin County District who handed the decision last month.

To make sure it depend its right against, the representative of the company said that they will file a counter on the courthouse to fight against the search warrant, if needed. Based on the statement of the representative, they will pursue the objective to counter the decision of Judge Larson and the company is always pushing back whenever they receive huge amount of requests for their active users.

The statement came when interviewed by The Star Tribune last Friday.

From the approved search warrant, Google needs to provide data for those who search the name of the victim from December 1, 2016 up to January 7, 2017. Some of the revealed data to provide include the birth place, contact number, payment details, Social Security Number, IP, and MAC or Media Access Control, among others. This is very particular for those who are living in Edina City.

This kind of latest report however may affect the privacy of many Internet users, specifically those who are living in Edina City, Minnesota. The order of Judge Larson is a wide-range court decision and the people who live here must follow the guidelines. Again, this is however a very complicated issue that can affect Google because unless a new decision will come out to block the submission of data users.

Based on records, the city of Edina has almost 50,000 population and many will certainly show interest to learning about the latest fraud issue. Because of this, Google needs to make the exact action to depend itself in the court and seek another decision to block Judge Larson’s approved court order.

On the other hand, it is as well possible that some people will search about the case using other search engines and not only through the giant tech company. This is another very important matter to consider in determining the users.

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s “Absolute Hacking Capacity”: Should You Be Alarmed?

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(March 08, 2017)  – WikiLeaks has revealed yet another batch of highly sensitive and confidential CIA information to the public. This time, the organization claims it is the biggest batch of confidential documents ever release.

The documents revealed the extent of the ability of the agency to hack smartphones and popular social media messaging apps like WhatsApp. So, do people need to be bothered about this revelation? If it concerns their personal information, then it has to be viewed as a potentially-threatening attempt of the agency to gather information among unsuspected victims, and use it to steal information that can be used for unwarranted surveillance.

To simply put it, everyone’s information is at risk, especially if what WikiLeaks says is true. WikiLeaks revealed a whopping 8,761 documents as part of the so-called “Year Zero”. It is the first part in a barrage of leaks on CIA that the whistleblower group has branded “Vault 7”.

According to a statement by WikiLeaks, “Year Zero” detailed the CIA’s “worldwide covert hacking program”,  which includes armed activities against mobile device manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Even Samsung TVs might be hacked and be converted into “covert” microphones. At this point, it is widely alarming that one of the most powerful agencies on Earth has the power to manipulate and hack into devices people use on a daily basis.

CIA’s Mobile Devices Branch (MDB) has allegedly developed numerous systems and tools to hack today’s popular mobile devices and operating systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows. The systems and tools developed by the MDB have the capacity to remotely control those smartphones and order them to send the user’s location data, as well as the device’s text and audio files. Likewise, the devices’ cameras and microphones can also be easily activated.

As what WikiLeaks has claimed on their website, those tools and methods by the CIA allow them to hack into various social media platforms such as Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Weibo, Cloackman and Confide. They can do this prior to encryption. The latest leak covered the time period from 2013 to 2016, as evidenced by the CIA timestamps included in the documents.

The source of the information, who wished not to be named, told WikiLeaks that they wish to spark a public debate specializing in the “security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.” The source added that the questions that must be answered publicly include the power of CIA in terms of its hacking abilities, and if they exceed the mandated powers given to them.

If these claims and allegations against the CIA is true, it will put everyone at the edge of their seat, considering the fact that their information is at a greater risk. WikiLeaks, in the past, had also revealed sensitive information against the government of different nations for transparency, so it goes without saying that this time, their source may highly likely be credible.

Going up against the CIA, one of the most powerful organizations on the planet, means suicide so to speak. In the following days, expect that the CIA will answer such allegations. For the meantime, everyone must be aware of what they share online, as the Internet is not the safest place, after all.

Townsend Report Validates Police Department Violated Background Check

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(February 23, 2017) Townsend police staff led a background check on a person applying for a job without authorization, according to a report on Tuesday. The statement was released at a busy Board of Selectmen, which left several questions answered, but a lot more not answered.
Compiled by Acting Commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Information James Slater, they found out that in September of last year, several police staff did a background check and gained access to the Board of Probation record without official criminal justice purpose. In the same report, the other uses of the system by the involved police employees have been proper.
At a Tuesday’s meeting, the town officials released the report. The meeting took place in the Great Hall to give way to nearly 200 residents attending. Last week, a meeting was also set, but the crowd was too big to fit in the chambers of the selectmen, ultimately making way for the meeting to be cancelled. This angered residents wanting to find answers related to the police investigation that has been ongoing since the later part of 2016.

Personal Information Compromised?

The residents who have attended the meeting were primarily concerned about the town’s capability to handle such situation, and further elaborated that the Police Department had been unreasonably targeted. The town’s legal counsel, David Jenkins, conducted a presentation, providing updates about the investigation and then gave way for questions.
The report that has been released on Tuesday suggests that a background check done by the Townsend police last September was not authorized. It did not have a legitimate purpose. The police employees involved decided to obtain records of a particular person who was being hired as an administrative assistant for the town’s local government. The records were pulled out from the Board of Probation records. As part of the process, the staff accessed the records of the Board of Probation.
On Tuesday, Jim Kreidler, the town administrator, said that a CORI check had been fulfilled for the employee. The CORI check is basically done for new workers and hires. He further said that the Board of Probation records is outside of what they legally could have asked for. Moreover, the report also suggests that Townsend uses a “robo query” program. This program makes use of a piece of information, like a license plate, which generates up to seven CJIS queries at a time.
Many residents who have attended the town’s investigation on Tuesday called it a “witch hunt”. Joe Shank, who is helping the petitions be organized said he does not feel that the Board of Selectmen are reputable and honest.

A Useful Review of PhoneArchive

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With the millions of people who are now thinking about using the best reverse phone lookup service, majority of the companies that offer this kind of service are competing greatly and so they offer the lowest cost possible charges. At times, some of them even promise free information and not charging their clients at no cost at all. To find and work with the most dependable service provider, it is very important to research properly and consider the exact service that assures total satisfaction when searching for information.

If we talk about quality reverse lookup services online, Phone Archive is surely one of them. This service provider has a huge database that can identify different callers and track down the origin of millions of phone numbers in the United States. With this available provider, people who visit and use the available services to resolve their worries about unknown callers, fake addresses and more.

Linked Service from White Pages

When visiting and using PhoneArchive.Top, it is easier to determined that this is a linked service provider from the White Pages. Because of this, it can gain access to use the most comprehensive phone database that can reveal millions of contact data within North America. This service providers likewise boasts its recognition as one of the top 10 mobile applications, besides its recognition as part of the top 40 web properties.

For many starters or newbie in the industry of lookup solution, they need to learn the exact functions of this type of service and must pay attention to the released details. Like this dependable service provider, it assures quality details because it has connections with the most advanced databases of the White Pages. To mention few of the most interesting features of this huge company, it has several offices in the US with over 150 employees, accommodates 55 millions of visitors each month (Unique visits) and link to more than 1,000 corporate clients today. This is how popular is the White Pages today and people who visit  PhoneArchive.Top online can benefit from using the offered services.

Phone Reputation API

This is actually a service offered by the White Pages PRO and it can detect the different reputation level (1-4) of phone calls. For instance, a phone number engaged to level 4 already needs proper investigation because this usually has connections to spammers, pranksters or fake telemarketers already. Right after verifying the reported number, it is easier to determine if there is a need to block the number or not. By using the Phone Reputation API, it ensures almost 97% accurate results after verifying the number.

Final Thought

An opportunity to visit PhoneArchive.Top can help anyone find helpful information when searching for a person, verifying a phone number, checking a mobile number, spam email or a fake home address. Because this is one of the trusted companies offering quality reverse lookup solutions, it continues to gain success with the help of the Internet. Like any lookup service providers online, Mr. Number implements its own terms of use and privacy policy to follow.

Why Choose Paid Service to Track Down Fraudulent Callers?

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Is your telephone ringing, but you cannot answer it immediately and allowed the call go direct to your voice mail?  Unfortunately, your expected caller did not leave any message to your voice mail.  Even upon checking your caller ID, you noticed the involved number is unknown or a strange one.  Of course, this situation becomes annoying when your caller phoned you for almost 10 times without any message.

On this particular, you start asking yourself on how to check who keeps calling you and on how to trace the origin of the telephone number faster.

These days, it is easier to track down various fraudulent callers in the United States. You can easily determine the name, gender, age and exact address of person who owns the number bothering you. However, you ought to remember the presented information or data are not free because you will need a paid service for this matter. There are different companies with impressive databases and maintain them better to keep almost all of the available phone numbers within the US. Because they need to spend for these databases, they require certain amount for the service fee to use their expertise and to provide access to release the information.

Because they use updated databases, these paid lookup companies are dependable, as they keep the information up to date and assure truthful results after completing the process.  To prove the effectiveness of these service providers, they can provide similar outcomes like when you request from a law enforcement agency because they use the same databases when tracking down various strange phone numbers.

When you need to hire from one of these companies, you only need to visit the exact website of the service you choose. After you reviewed and agreed to use the service, they will allow you to enter the exact phone number into their main search box and simply click submit.  They will then scan the number and check from their databases to find out if the number you submitted is active on their list and provide you the necessary information if it is available.  In most cases, you receive details about the number like the owners’ name, city and zip code of the phone number you want to trace.

To acquire the complete report of the owner of the telephone number, you can check the provided information after paying for the service fee from the company you choose.  Usually, they will provide you a complete screen of the report involving the available information of the number you want to trace.

Another important benefit of this kind of service is that if you found the information inaccurate or incomplete, you can refund the money because of the money-back-guarantee policy. This is the advantage if you hire a paid service provider to track down a caller from your landline phone.

Important Qualities of a Trusted Reverse Lookup Tracker

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If you want to consider hiring a company for reverse lookup but worry about the possible drawbacks, it is best to learn the most important qualities of a dependable company. Remember that when browsing the Internet to find one, the existing websites for this service are many and so you have to choose the exact lookup provider.

Before we discuss the best qualities of a trusted reverse lookup tracker, it is important to determine the information you need on why you are searching for this company. Afterwards, spend a little time doing research online to help you find and transact with the best one. You need to understand that a company with great reputation can present truthful feedback from their valued users and clients who continuously to patronage their offered services.

Here are some of the most important qualities to consider:

  • Has Large Phone Directories – This is a very important quality when you search and hire a dependable service provider. You need the first question if the company has large phone directories that can track down millions of phone numbers. In case the option you consider does not have a huge phone directory and with only small database, it is obvious that it cannot guarantee you complete searches. To make sure you get as many as reliable information about the number you are tracing, choose a company that presents has large and dependable directories.
  • Update directories frequently – The best website that offer quality reverse phone lookup frequently update their directories to make sure they provide fresh information always. With this kind of advantage, you get almost 96% fresh data whenever you perform your searches once you access their database.
  • Has reliable online customer support – This is another very interesting quality of the most trusted reverse lookup tracker. When a registered user needs to ask questions or inquire about something important, they have a reliable online customer support that handle the needs of their clients. Moreover, they provide the most convincing tips on how to deal with pranksters or strangers over the telephone.
  • Only require minimal service charges – If you transact with the best service to lookup for your reported unregistered or suspicious phone numbers, they will never ask you to pay for expensive service fees. Instead, they only require minimal service charges and let you access their database to reveal the information you want to gather about the person who is using the phone numbers. Yet before you pay for the necessary charges, it is advisable to review the guidelines and make sure you understand them properly. Remember that once you paid and did not understand the offered service, you might end up disappointing yourself later on.
  • Offers trial service – When you transact with the most reputable reverse lookup tracker, they usually offer trial service to determine their expertise. This kind of test search is necessary to help you decide if you found the exact company in resolving your worries about a strange or unlisted phone number. With the available information released after completing your trial subscription, you can already determine if the person is a fake caller or not.

Keep in mind that there are countless of possible services online that offer this kind of solution. On the other hand, it is very important to evaluate the best options and work with the most reliable one.

Reminders Why Online Privacy Protection Is Important

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Is there such thing as privacy on the Internet? Perhaps. Perhaps not. If you have accounts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, then you could only do so much to safeguard your privacy. There’s a greater chance that other users will see your personal information. Once you signed up on any of these social network sites, you will be asked to enter your personal information. Once you went on with it, your privacy is already at risk.

So, it goes without saying that the term “Privacy is dead” is somehow true. A lot of people take this for granted as long as they don’t suffer from any problems brought by these things such as privacy compromise. But still, privacy protection is of paramount importance when you are online. Keep in mind that if you want to protect your privacy on the Internet, you must be the only one who has access to the information you shared.

How To Protect Your Online Privacy?

Remember that even websites have their own terms and agreement about privacy. First of all, you might want to check the Privacy Policy page of a website if you want to know how this website handles your information. You may also check how they plan to use your shared information and how safe you are against any attacks and threats involving your own privacy. It pays to take extra caution while using the internet.
The rules and regulations about online privacy may differ from one website to another. There are also restrictions to the extent in which the website owners are allowed to access shared information by their users. Always remember that once you go online and share your personal information, your privacy will always be at risk. If you don’t want others to get the chance to steal your information, try not to share important information such as bank accounts as well as passwords

Is Online Privacy Still Important?

Some people think otherwise. These people don’t think that online privacy protection is not important. Even if you are comfortable sharing your personal information online, there are plenty of people who beg to differ. These people might be victims of online scams or frauds in the past, so they take extra caution when sharing information online. Privacy is still paramount to them.
There are different ways to safeguard your privacy as far as technology is concerned. There is a wide range of online protection software that will provide assistance to users in the protection of their online privacy. These include anti-malware, firewalls, data encryption, as well as letting you go online anonymously. These security packages help prevent any potential compromise related to your online privacy.

All in all, it is important to remember the things that will protect your privacy before you click anything on the Internet. Be sure to also check the website first to know if it’s legit or not. At times, when you see the word “Free” online and you are required to enter your personal information, it might be problematic to you. Think before you click. Research first to avoid privacy compromise.